KBSV recruits Head of Media Strategy Department

09/02/2022 - 270 lượt xem
Head of Media Strategy Department
Location: Ha Noi
I. Job Description:
- Advising, planning strategies, proposing plans, ideas and solutions to the Board of Directors on a monthly/quarterly/yearly basis to ensure image enhancement, brand development and differentiation with other companies same field
- Implement the brand promotion plan to achieve the goals of increasing brand recognition, increasing customer trust, and increasing brand strength for the Company in the Vietnamese market.
- Planning, directing, supervising management and responsible for organizing the following areas of work:
  • Proposing, planning and budgeting for PR media activities (internal and external) such as organizing internal events, events for clients, promotional programs, building, developing Developed to increase image recognition, increase customer trust, increase brand strength for the Company
  • Develop, propose, be responsible for the content of all external media publications, press PR articles, speeches, newsletters, brochures, video clips
  • Create content for articles on SEO-standard websites and content on social channels (evaluate content effectiveness by keyword rankings, visits, interactions, ...)
  • Updating changes and new trends in media, Digital Marketing, making assessments and recommendations on these trends in order to seize opportunities and keep pace with improvements in digital technology.
  • Build, develop, manage the content of the company's website, fanpage, youtube, timely update new product information, content of articles on the company's websites.
  • Measure and evaluate the effectiveness of communication on traditional media channels and digital platforms.
- Establish, build and maintain relationships with press agencies and media
- Monitoring and managing communication risks
  • Timely detect communication risks that may arise, adversely affecting the company's reputation and brand
  • Plan to deal with media risk issues with the press and external partners when necessary.
- Plan and execute all digital marketing activities including:
  • SEO/SEM and advertising projects
  • Optimizing Digital marketing campaigns on online channels such as: Facebook, Google, Website, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Zalo...
  • Giving planning directions for digital marketing including: Online Media Planning (Viral campaign, online media campaign, social marketing campaign, banner ads, microsite idea...) Online Ads (Google ads, Facebook ads ....), capable of creating good viral campaigns on Social Platform
  • Effectively monitor digital marketing activities, evaluate, measure and report on the performance of all campaigns
  • Understanding of Digital marketing tools, Marketing automation, choosing the type to use to reach target customers
II. Job requirements:
- Graduated from University with major in Journalism, Communication, Marketing, Business Administration
- 6-7 years of experience (including management experience)
- Experience in planning and implementing overall communication and marketing activities. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in banking, finance, securities, insurance.
- In-depth knowledge of PR, Communication, Digital Marketing
- Proficient in online marketing tools: SEM-SEO, Social Media, Email, Mobile, Affiliate, Viral article, SMS, forum, Online Ads
- Fluent English (listening, speaking, reading, writing)
III. Necessary skills:
- Management skills
- Planning and budgeting skills
- Good communication and presentation skills
- Good information analysis and synthesis skills
- Ability to work independently and in groups
- Solve problems, handle situations quickly
- Wide social networking
IV. Benefits: Recruited candidates will receive competitive salaries, welfare regime according to the company's policies and capacity.

V. Application
- Candidates send application documents via email: tuyendungkbsv@kbsec.com.vn
- The title of the record: "KBSV.CVMSD-Nguyen Van A"
• CV of KBSV form with photo;
• The Notarized diplomas and certificates, transcripts;
• The Notarized ID card, Registration book;
• 3x4 photos file.
Contact information: Human Resources & Training Department - Phone: (+84) 24 7303 5333 - Ext: 2226

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