Precise knowledge - Quality investment

Building stock trading knowledge with KBSV 
From May 4, 2023, KB Securities Vietnam Joint Stock Company (KBSV) organizes the program "Precise knowledge - Quality Investment" with the aim of building a fundamental knowledge of securities for investors. Participating in the program, Investors also have the opportunity to receive valuable cash rewards to practice investing immediately!

The program provides a system of knowledge on technical and fundamental analysis presented in video format. After watching the video, there will be a small quiz for Investors to re-test the knowledge they have learned, and when completing the quiz, Investors will receive a bonus from the program.

- Participants: Customers who have securities accounts opened at KBSV and use self-trading services.

- Conditions of participation: Customers register to become members of Prime Club on KB Buddy application.

- Total prize value of the program: 2,600,000,000 VND

Round 1
- Every day, investors log into KB Buddy application, watch Videos at Utilities / Investor Knowledge / Knowledge & Investment Experience, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and answer the corresponding Quiz correctly at the end. each video.
- Prime Club membership cannot be canceled during the program period.
- Bonus 10,000 VND/ 01 video for watching and correctly answering the quiz at the end of the video. Up to 200,000 VND.
- Bonus 100,000 VND when the customer completes watching 20 different videos and correctly answers the questions of the corresponding 20 quizzes
Round 2
- Customers who have received the reward of Round 1
- Login the KB Buddy app daily and watch 01 video at Prime Club/ PRIME - Broadcast.
- No cancellation of Prime Club membership registration during the Program period.
- Bonus 10,000 VND for each video watched. Up to 1,000,000 VND/Customer
* Only 1 video watched per day is counted. Duplicate watched videos will only be counted once.
* Bonus is only used to buy securities and exercise the right to buy securities listed on Stock Exchanges

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