Fund Certificate Distribution

KBSV offers a wide range of funds to its customers that allow them the flexibility to choose their level of market exposure while being able to take advantage of the diversification that is built into this financial product

We are confident that our team of brokers can provide in-depth analysis into the funds that work for you best.

KBSV is the distribution agent for the following fund management companies:

1.     VietFund Management (VFM) with the following funds:

  • Vietnam Securities Investment Fund (VFMVF1)

  • Vietnam Blue-chips Investment Fund (VFMVF4)

  • Vietnam Active Fund (VFMVFA)

  • Vietnam Bond Fund (VFMVFB) 

2.    VinaWealth Fund Management (VINAWEALTH) with the following funds:

  • VinaWealth Enhanced Fixed Income Fund  (VFF)

  • VinaWealth Equity Opportunity Fund (VEOF)