M&A Services

With the main goal of matching the right business partner to our client’s needs, we provide our clients with comprehensive M&A adviosry services, solutions and support..

Accompanying our clients from the beginning, we (i) identify the purpose and needs of cooperation and strategic planning for M&A, (ii) look for potential partners, (iii) support the appraisal process and negotiate terms of conditions, and (iv) advise on procedures for execution, payment and completion of the transaction.

We offer our customers the best solutions, thanks to:

  • Member of Asia's Leading Financial Group: As a member of KBFG (Korea), we have the strength to interact with many international investors, especially investors in the APAC.

  • Knowledge of the Vietnam market: Formerly a member of a Vietnamese financial group, we inherited many valuable relationships in Vietnam market.

  • Network of domestic and international partners: A network of prestigious partners and leading consultants in both Vietnam and international market assists us in searching for the suitable M&A that met our client’s various requirements.

  • Professional and in-depth advisory team: With the combination of high-qualified staffs and international experts, we are always ready to cooperate, share, learn and contribute for the profound client’s benefit.

  • Practical experience: In spite of the collective experiences from our past successful and unsuccessful M&A deals, our own internal M&A success is also an oustanding strength, compared to other consultants.