Securities Brokerage

Everything we do at KBSV is built around our customer’s story.Knowing the needs of our client is job one. Here at KBSV, we strive to understand our customer’s position as well as their needs in every aspect of their lives. We provide customized financial services that work for you and your specific position.

Professional Team
Each representative must undergo rigorous training in both hard and soft skills that will ensure that the needs of the client are always handled in a courteous and professional manner. Building relationships is at the center of our business plan. In order to forge strong business relationships and create positive values for clients and peers to model, we regularly meet in person with our colleagues and counterparties to ensure needs are communicated clearly.

Our dedicated team of professionally trained brokers and account managers provide a personalized level of individual service. At KBSV, we faithfully walk all of our customers through our policies and procedures and execute account opening procedures.
We regularly follow up with our customers and keep them informed of the latest updates to their transactions and trading activities.

At KBSV, we provide optimal balance between risk and return, maintaining constant contact with clients to keep them informed of changing market conditions or new and exciting investment opportunities. We never overlook a profitable investment opportunity, but take care to ensure we avoid high-risk investments, irrespective of market conditions.
We monitor closely all developments in the market place both at micro and macro levels and discuss them in meetings so that our investment decisions have solid research and consensus behind them.
Professional ethics and total transparency are key components of our management and operational perspective. Without this, building long-term relationships with our customers would not be possible.

Thriving upon the turbulent stock market of Vietnam, KBSV’s brokerage business has certain success among its competitors. To get there, a long process of selecting, training, and retaining only the most talented and the most committed individuals has to been undertaken.
Today’s marketplace has more variance and nuance than ever before. KBSV understands this and is committed to providing professional, first-rate service that aligns our clients’ demands with those of the current market. We offer a comprehensive range of services through our team of experienced investment representatives that will provide personalized confidential services across a range of markets and niche investment opportunities. Some of these services include:
  •   Listed & OTC stocks
  •   Bonds and valuable papers
  •   Private placement or Put through