Press release: KB Securities Vietnam has officially approved to offer shares to raise chartered capital

01/11/2018 - 334 View
On October 31st, 2018, KB Securities Vietnam Jointstock Company (KBSV) has officially been approved by the State Securities Commission (SSC) to offer shares to existing shareholders for the sake of raising chartered capital in accordance with Official Letter No. 7366/UBCK-QLKD. The offering plan is implemented in pursuant to the Resolution No. 228/2018/NQ -DHĐ dated 07/09/2018 by the General Meeting of Shareholders, Resolution No. 234/2018/NQ-HĐQTT dated 02/10/2018 by the Board of Directors of KB Securities Vietnam Jointstock Company and other relevant laws.

According to these, the shares will be offered to existing shareholders in two batches: KBSV will offer 81 million shares in the first phase, and offer 57 milion shares in the second phase, raising KBSV’s chartered capital from 300 billion VND to 1,680 billion VND in the first quarter of 2019.

With strong support from KBFG Korea Financial Group, one of the biggest financial group, less than 1 year of launching the brand since 29/1/2018, KBSV has made strong steps, confirming its determination to conquer the potential market in Vietnam. This also demonstrates KBFG's commitment to investing in the Vietnamese market at a meeting between Leaders of KBFG and SSC in mid-2017. By increasing the capital, KBSV is in the top 10 securities companies with the largest chartered capital on the market and plans to reach the top 3 securities companies of market share in Vietnam in the near future.

KBSV will continue to expand business activities, diversify its products, and grow operating network in order to develop and meet maximal customers’ needs with specific and clear plans: develop a derivative trading system, expected to be deploy from 2019; Diversify products, develop the advantage of online trading app, especially Mobile App; To expand operating network, develop more branches in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City; Recruiting, training high quality human resources to meet the company’s expanding and developing requirements.

"Thanks to the advantage of being a foreign securities company, KBSV has the support from its parent corporation - one of Korea's large-scale, long-history financial corporations; Therefore, we are confident of having enough potential and experience to bring to the investors new and attractive products. In addition, we plan to implement a number of strategies to connect Korean investors to the Vietnamese financial market through Korean companies doing business in Vietnam." - Mr Nguyen Duc Hoan, CEO of KBSV shared.