KBSV: Technology is the foundation

06/03/2020 - 340 View
As part of its strategy to become a technology securities company, KB Securities Vietnam (KBSV) launches new trading applications with many features.
To become a technology securities company
Mr. Nguyen Duc Hoan, CEO KBSV, said that technology and new factors are changing the competitive landscape on Vietnam's securities market. Investors are increasingly in need of a safe, convenient & fast transaction service. Grasping that trend, KBSV focused on investing in modern technology systems to both help the Company manage more effectively and transparently, while providing customers with superior experiences.
After a period of research, KBSV has officially launched a new trading channel KB-able integrating many advantages of modern technology to help customers easily experience unlimited order space on all tabs of the system.
“In the future, KBSV will offer new technologies, promising to bring many utilities to investors, with the spirit of KBSV: priority of customer benefits first to bring outstanding profits to them”, Mr. Hoan asserted.
Top 10 brokerage market share and higher target
Although the context of the global securities market in general and the Vietnamese securities market in particular has many strong fluctuations in the first months of the year, making the business activities of securities companies more fluctuations, KBSV remain steadfast with its business goal in 2020 to maintain its position in the Top 10 securities companies with the largest market share on HOSE.
According to KBSV, in order to achieve the above goal, the Company will take advantage of the available advantages in terms of capital, technology, international operating experience of the parent company and the main adjustment to suit the Vietnamese market to increase service quality and attract investors. More specifically, KBSV will continue to promote the segment of individual customers, with large incentive programs on cutting transaction fees, interest on margin, or awarding programs for investors to achieve investment efficiency. Along with that, the Company also focused on improving the quality of analysis and investment consultancy activities, upgrading the quality of technology infrastructure to create added value for customers. In addition, the Company will deploy additional products and service packages for customers / institutional investors, combining IB services, consulting capital structure, performing the role of a bridge. Korean investment capital flows to Vietnam.
Attracting foreign capital into Vietnam securities market is one of the main orientations in KBSV's business activities in 2020, although the securities market in general and foreign capital attraction activities in particular are in the very difficult due to the impact of the Covid-19. Accordingly, right from the beginning of the year, the Company held many meetings between the research division, IB of the company and representatives of investment funds from Korea to introduce the development potential of the Vietnamese market. The seminars and meetings with foreign investors are conducted with high frequency in 2019 and will continue to be implemented this year. Besides, the Company has also designed product packages, which are suitable for the investment taste of foreign investors with high safety but still bring relatively attractive yields compared to low interest rates of developed countries.
On March 10, KBSV is expected to officially launch the trading application M-able on mobile phones. M-able is a completely free professional securities trading application, to support customers placing orders anytime and anywhere, and constantly updating market information and specialized stocks, news updating to support investors, analyze and find investment opportunities in the market. KBSV has researched and developed applications with many outstanding advantages to bring the best experience to users:
  • Respond to all transactions instantly with just a few clicks
  • Smart, friendly & convenient interface: place orders quickly & simply, increasing transaction’s  efficiency
  • Fast, accurate and comprehensive speed of data update: capture quickly all fluctuations and opportunities coming from the market
  • Visual graph, multi-dimensional data analysis: easily follow and make investment decisions
  • Optimal protocol for data transfer: minimizing the traffic, help increase the speed and reduce usage’s expenses
Hoang Minh
* Source: Dau tu chung khoan - No.29 on 6/3/2020