KBSV offers 0% margin interest

07/10/2019 - 857 View
    Launched in March 2019, "KB Super Dream" of KB Securities Vietnam Joint Stock Company (KBSV) – an outstanding promotion - has attracted numerous customers. With the desire to optimize benefits for investors and customers, KBSV continues to add further 200 billion VND into KB Super Dream.

     Accordingly, customers will be completely exempted from margin interest to buy securities in the first 10 trading days and will only start taking interests on the outstanding balance at the end of the 11th trading day. The lending rate is up to 50% and applies to all current KBSV margin portfolio. Continuing to be launched from October 7, 2019 until the full disbursement of the loan package, KB Super Dream will apply to all customers who have an account at KBSV.
     After the success of the products with great preferential interest rate margin, the renewal of KB Super Dream shows the steps of KBSV to fulfill its commitment to bring maximum and practical support to customer. In addition, KBSV has also launched a derivative trading system with attractive promotion of free trading fee for all customers.
      Thanks to abundant capital, network, customer resource and operation experience inherited from KB Financial Group (KBFG) and KB Securities Korea, KBSV is confident in the potential and experience to bring new products and services with unique attractiveness to investors. At the same time, KBSV is committed to constantly striving to create a convenient and professional investment condition to bring the best support and maximum benefits to customers and investors, contributing to the development of the Vietnamese economy.

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