KBSV launch "Stock saving with KBSV"

26/02/2019 - 582 View
On February 26th, 2019, KB Securities Vietnam (KBSV) officially launch an unique product: "Stock saving with KBSV”. This product that has been implemented successfully in Korean market and in been launching in Vietnam market for the first time.

With the advantage of prior experience in the Korean market, KBSV grasp the demand for profitable investment in combination with safe accumulation, KBSV has introduced to Vietnamese customers in a new financial solution: saving by stocks instead of traditional accumulation forms like money savings, gold or foreign currency.
Through the product "Stock Saving with KBSV", KBSV wishes to accompany customers to develop personal financial plans and long-term assets accumulating with low risks. When participating in the program, investors will own shares with expected interest rates of up to 15% per year, much higher than traditional saving interest rates at banks.
Especially, to encourage customers to directly experience the superiority of products, KBSV will give an attractive gift of VND 1,000,000 VND in cash directly to the account for the first 300 customers to registrate and complete the program rules. In particular, customers can join the program by opening an account at the KBSV Customer Care Center, paying VND 2,000,000 VND to the account each month and buying securities continuously for 12 months. The program "Stock Saving with KBSV" will last for 3 months, from February 26th, 2019 to May 26th, 2019.
With the position in Top 10 securities companies with the largest chartered capital in Vietnam, strong support of network, customer resources as well as business experience from KBFG Parent Group and KB Securities Korean Company, KBSV promises to continuously introduce more innovative products, optimal financial solutions for investors when making transactions at KBSV.

Please contact us for further details:
Customer Care Center – KB Securities Vietnam Joint Stock Company
Hotline: (+84) 24 7303 5333 – Ext: 2273/2274/2276
Website: https://www.kbsec.com.vn
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/kbsec.com.vn