KBSV launch new website interface

27/03/2019 - 543 View
In order to bring convenience to customers when searching for information, KB Securities Vietnam (KBSV) officially upgraded and launched a new website interface at: www.kbsec.com.vn recently. The new website interface is an archievement of the process of listening, discussing and analyzing customers' needs in finding useful information about stock market as well as KBSV's products and services.
Focusing on customers’ needs, the new website is designed and arranged to be easy to reach for each customer with appropriate information, products and services to bring the convenience to both individual customers and institutional customers when visiting KBSV website. Customers can implement online transactions such as account opening, price checking, stock trading, etc. on the website quickly, easily and conveniently. Moreover, customers online support is also deployed on the new website. Accordingly, all customers’ questions are sent directly to the KBSV support staffs so that satffs can give online advise and answers for each customer as well as meet the needs of customers quickly and friendly.
In addition, in-depth reports from KBSV analysts are also regularly updated on the website to provide useful information about the market, thereby helping investors make accurate decisions to take maximum benefit.
After raising capital and officially reaching the Top 10 securities companies with the largest chartered capital in Vietnam in February, KBSV always strives to improve the quality to be able to accompany and serve customers completely and integrity. In addition to continuously launching products with attractive and outstanding incentives, promoting the development of information technology systems and online trading systems is one of the most important tasks that KBSV focuses on bringing simplicity and convenience to customers when making transactions at KBSV.